Tag Heuer Ayrton Senna Limited Edition Preview

Today’s article is dedicated to the new Ayrton Senna Limited Edition watch from Tag Heuer. While other manufacturers associate themselves with aviation, this Swiss manufacturer values its motorsport heritage, and therefore decided to present new watch.
Tag Heuer Ayrton Senna Limited Edition Front
It is important to mention first that there will be three models under Senna Limited Edition. Of course, don’t expect completely new design or watch type, but at least some appearance features were changed according to traditional Senna design cues. One can guess, that main role here will be played by black and red colors, classic combination, which tunes owner on racing mood. Tag Heuer Senna watches were designed to commemorate his triumph on Monaco Gran Prix, which happened 30 years ago.
The most important watch touched by Limited Edition features will be in-house chrono Heuer-01, which you’ve seen before on our website. Yes, it will be finished in black and red, what should make it even more impressive. Moreover, rear cover is also made from sapphire, so that you can appreciate movement from both sides. Two others will be quartz models from motorsport series.
All three feature red accents on the dial. “S”-logo is styled to remind of road turn. Quartz model will also feature three red stripes, which hint on car tracks. By the way, note that several models come with link bracelet, which looks amazing in matte black finish. As far as I understood, such version will be reserved for Tag Heuer Senna for now.

New models were presented in Monaco boutique and should be available for order and purchase. While it doesn’t contribute to some charity or any other possible cause, new limited edition will be intersting for motorsport fans. It’s also nice to see that new type comes in three different types and covers various price ranges.

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