Tag Heuer Bella Hadid Link Lady Limited Edition brings Long Name for Special Version

You just saw it in the name of the article, but let me repeat it. Tag Heuer Bella Hadid Link Lady Limited Edition – this name will come with new watch. I would rather prefer some shortened version, but we have this. Well, let’s take a closer look at what makes the new edition special.
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First in London

New model was launched at the same time with opening new store in London. As you can guess, Bella Hadid was invited there as well. As a side note I would like to clarify that boutique opened on Oxford street – quite famous area among luxury shoppers. It features nice architecture, and buyers will be able to buy some rare watches from famous Swiss watchmaker. Maybe that was also the reason why manufacturer decided to invite famous model and present Limited Edition dedicated to her.

As you can guess from the name, Tag Heuer Bella Hadid Link Lady Limited Edition is based on well-known Link series. Those watches are nice and easy to wear, and they look good on women’s wrists. We’ve had a chance to play with several models, and you can find video and article on our website. This fact also made me wonder how Tag Heuer can make this model even more special.

Fashion Legend?

First of all I should say that all changes are visual. Inside you will find absolutely the same components. The most noticeable difference is a case color – matt black makes watch a bit more subtle. I am not sure if some ladies will be happy to wear such dark shade, but who knows. My guess is that it was chosen together with Bella, so some might consider such version as a proper fashion choice. Tag Heuer Bella Hadid Link Lady Limited Edition also comes with 12 diamonds. Take a careful look, and you will notice that they are fixed on black mother of pearl dial. Altogether they make quite an interesting image. I would say this is truly hate-it-or-love-it design, where nobody will be left in the middle.

Tag Heuer Bella Hadid Link Lady Limited Edition Price

Well, new model should be available immediately. As for the price, you will have to give 5250 EUR in order to have one. I am not sure about how limited this version will be. First customers got their watches in London, but you still can order one for yourself.

Bella Hadid in red dress with watch

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