Ford F-150 chooses Diesel over Electricity

Ok, while Tesla geeks are still waiting for the pickup, there is something more interesting. Well, I would say new Ford F-150 comes as quite surprising move from famous US carmaker. Just think about it – well-known pickup will have diesel under bonnet! There are few things to say about this announcement.
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Towing Money

I still wonder why this pickup is shown towing something on each marketing photo. Just look at those – poor truck have something behind on every freaking pic! Yeah, diesel would be obviously marketed as perfect pushy choice for those who would like to take heavy things around. Nevertheless, this type of engine in Ford F-150 comes as big surprise for me. I think some of you still remember about scandal with VW, right? Well, now US carmaker goes on and chooses diesel, which was eagerly despised by all those green car fans. Moreover, this step looks more strange because even your dog knows that Tesla works on new electric pickup. Power output is not impressive either – just 250 hp for such big pickup.

Pushy Heart

Well, yeah, power is not the main thing here. Torque is king for such engine and that’s why Ford hints on it with towing photos. From the other side I really doubt that somebody will seriously tow trailers on Ford F-150. While in US, I saw only young ladies behind the wheel, so I doubt that they will need such “functionality”. Another thing – 30 mpg fuel consumption. Again, I doubt that it will bother “target audience”. From the other side you can have diesel under the bonnet and save a bit more for upcoming iPhone. I wonder if debadging is possible with such engine version or there will be signs all around Ford F-150.

Saving Freedom

In my opinion this car has become US symbol as Big Mac or iPhone. Diesel comes as an interesting to widen engine choice. Nevertheless, I really doubt that new generation of Ford F-150 won’t have electric version. It is really crucial today, and Ford seems really determined to show Tesla its place.

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