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Ford Mustang 2018 Restyle

New styling for well-known car

Ok, consider this as a cry, but when I saw photos of the restyled Mustang, the first question was WHAT IS IT??? Ford decided to remaster its ponycar, and now it looks even less muscle. I am not sure, but maybe it’s tailored for the modern man, who doesn’t like power? It’s difficult to imagine this style with burbling V8. Even more difficult is to get overall picture in top versions. Previously angled rough design looks strange with new smooth front. At least headlamps will be LED on all cars, what is unusual for Mustang.
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Rear is a bit more conservative and still copies its own predecessor from 60’s. American manufacturer decided to add three new colors, but I doubt that they will hide result of this restyling. Those headlamps… They remind of Mazda Mx-5. It seems that somebody in company bought this cabrio and designers just copied styling to their ponycar. Of course, some will like it, but still previous version looks more “complete”.

Inside there are also some new things, but I doubt that they will be interesting for future owners. I mean we don’t buy V8 coupe because of 12 inch display, right? It seems like all versions will be available immediately, but there is no normal photo of the GT350R, so let’s wait to see how designers worked around those headlamps. As for me, Dodge Challenger remains the most masculine ponycar on the market, no matter what upgrades it goes through.

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