MB&F Fifth Element Hands On

Yes, today we are going to talk about new clock from Swiss masters – MB&F Fifth Element. As previous clocks, this one is result of cooperation with famous L’Epee. Of course, creators decided to do something completely out of space, and you have to see it with your own eyes! We’ve got a chance to play with this new model, and now ready to share our impressions. I recommend you to watch video above in order to see details.
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To say that this clock is unusual will be a gross underestimation of its appearance. This is not like anything you saw before. Don’t search for some ergonomical cues, because everything serves only to one master – design. L’Epee decided to develop space topic even further, and there is no secret that this creation reminds of spaceship.

Flying saucer, yes, with various small ships inside it. Yes, each block is separate and you can detach it from the main structure. This feature might come handy if you would like to place one of those modules in opposite corner of your table. Just keep in mind that main block will stay with empty hole instead of removed module. Not that nice aesthetically, but leaves you with compartment to insert something into it. 😀


Another thing to keep in mind – this thing is not created to be moved around. Yeah, spaceship flies fast in space, but this clock… Well, it doesn’t, and therefore it will stay at the same spot. Main reason here is enormous weight. Let’s not forget that all parts are created from metal and glass, and all modules combined create quite hefty composition. I tried to lift it, and I can admit that it’s better just not to disturb this monumental creation. We can agree that it won’t feel nice if it accidentally slips from your hands, right? 🙂

If you wonder what info is displayed on each block, I can tell that this is weather station. Yes, forget about your phones and take a look at this UFO. I wonder who will choose smartphone instead of MB&F Fifth Element. Don’t expect any digital displays. Just hands and dials, pure hardcore. By the way, don’t miss small alien (his name is Ross), who is sitting inside. Be sure not to lose this figurine too.

MB&F Fifth Element – When?

New weather station is already available for purchase. If you are worried about price – just close this article and look in the window. In other words, those who would want to have Fifth Element in their room will get it anyway. I am sure that such purchase would be the best choice for any interior and might even help attract young generation to “analog things”.

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