Tag Heuer Link 41mm Diamonds brings Stones

Some people want more everywhere… I guess that’s the only explanation behind new Tag Heuer Link 41mm Diamonds. Name of the watch says it all – classic model with stones all over it. Well, let’s take a closer look at what newcomer can offer us.
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Go Bling!

Frankly speaking, I didn’t imagine link with such design. Calm flowing lines just don’t hint on possibility of installing diamonds on them. Yeah, you can do it pretty much everywhere, and Tag Heuer Link 41mm Diamonds is a perfect proof for those words. Ok, ok, it was not a precise description of the watch, because diamonds here can be found only on the case and first three rows. Nevertheless, take a look at those photos! Nice and smooth design became sharp and brisk. Stones redefine overall image, and now we have crazy combination of traditional link bracelet and diamond. I am not sure who will go for such version, but I can say that there will be customers for sure.

Surprisingly, Tag Heuer Link 41mm Diamonds will be also available in “moderate version” as well. As you can see on the pics, full scale diamond type has blue mother of pearl dial. Swiss watchmaker will also release version with sunray dial. This one should have diamond on bezel only. In my opinion, such type should attract more people due to its smaller “in your face effect”. Well, who knows.

Pricy Stones

You might guess that prices is not small for such addition, and you will be right. “Simpler” version has price tag of 5200 USD, while second one – 21000 USD! I would like to see somebody who will shell out such sum for Tag Heuer Link 41mm Diamonds… Should I mention amount of possible alternatives in this price range? Well, bling doesn’t come cheap, does it?


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