Tag Heuer Link Review on Baselworld 2017

Today’s article is dedicated to the new Tag Heuer Link, which was presented on Baselworld 2017. Some of you might have heard about the women’s model, but this time it something different.
Yes, you read it right, there was only women version available before, but now situation will change, because watchmaker decided to introduce model for men as well. It’s still finished in this unusual design, which looks classic at the same time. Case diameter equals to 41mm, and that size should be fine for any wrist. I would say it is a universal version.
Press release claims that Tag Heuer Link is very comfortable to wear, but we all know marketing words, so it was interesting to check model in person. Well, yeah, newcomer fits surprisingly well and almost wraps around your wrist. This is quite unusual for watch with metal band, but there are several design cues, which were used by manufacturer.
First of all take a look at case shape. Do you see these four small corners? Those parts make it possible that case feel almost round-like a cushions your hand. I have to say that such design feels almost like a leather band around wrist, it is that comfortable.
Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget second important component for such comfy mix. S-links on the bracelet greatly contribute to overall feel. While typical metal bracelets might feature sharp edges, this one is a completely different story. Here each part has rounded edges from all sides, so even if you somehow feel links, they don’t hurt you or scratch your wrist.

Revived Tag Heuer Link offers truly special mix – metal band which is comfortable to wear. Moreover, it’s finished in special design and I doubt that such part will remain unnoticed. Newcomer should be available soon, so if you are searching for something nice both in terms of design and comfort – check Link. Who knows, maybe you will also like it as much as I do.

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