Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamonds – Smart Bling

My guess is that Swiss watchmaker decided to place stones on all its models. In other words how would you explain new Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamonds? Yes, that’s a smartwatch, which is literally shines full with diamonds! Let’s take a closer look.
By the way, here you can read article with smaller-sized Tag Heuer smartwatch.
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Luxury Droid

I am not sure if there is even some smartwatch with bigger price tag than this one. Just think about it – 190000 CHF!!! For those money you can get new Porsche or this smartwatch. I wonder what buyers will choose… 😀 Jokes aside, Tag Heuer interpretation of smartwatch is quite interesting. It was matter of time until we would see this model detailed with sharp stones. Well, now we see it. Just take a look at photos. That’s a pure bling, and there is no other name for such style. 🙂

Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamonds definitely will be limited in amount, but it’s worth taking a detailed look at detailing of this watch. First of all, case made out of white gold. It’s 18K PD125 material, which should feel heavy on your wrist. Now try to guess the main number – how many stones are placed on the watch? 589! The biggest amount comes on strap, and it looks just astonishing. I am sure that there won’t be neutral or calm opinion about such design.

Sharp and Shiny

I guess looks is the main selling point here except of price. Nevertheless, manufacturer also tries to remind us that this is smartwatch. Moreover, this is modular smartwatch, so you can replace different elements. I wonder what should happen so that you would like to change lugs with 16 diamonds on them? Other selling point – automatic module, which can be interchanged with smart one. Here I am not sure if calibre comes together with new watch. Some might say that it has too due to such steep price, but who knows. 🙂 The only thing that we can do now – bet who will get Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamonds as the first buyer…

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