Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Italia Independent – Long Name with Nice Appearance

SIHH brings a lot of different novelties, and this time we cover another one. As you can see in title, today we will talk about something new from the famous Swiss watchmaker. Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Italia Independent is quite long name, and I will have to repeat it several times before memorising. Nevertheless, this model is quite interesting and worth our attention.
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Rare in 4 Different Tastes

New model will be available in four editions, one of them for women. I have to say that overall idea of cooperation between watchmaker and Italia Independent brand is an absolute success. Just think of it – combine fine watchmaking with elegant fabric. What can be better? Moreover, pattern is preserved even on the watchface. I think the most important in the collection is the golden version. This one will be limited only to 50 pieces, what makes it truly unique. Material is named as King Gold, and comes on the strap and dial. I have to admit that it looks impressive. Moreover, such style is truly unusual and works surprisingly well with traditional Hublot style.

Other two versions will be limited to 100 pieces, what makes gives you more chances to get one. As you can see on the photos, they are based on blue color. Nevertheless, case color is different, and it creates completely different impression. In my opinion, polished titanium version looks the best. It is not that shiny, but looks well balanced together with blue fabric strap. Of course, here we also have precious Italian fabric. The only thing I worry about – how this material will act after wearing for long time. Would it be necessary to clean it somehow or maybe there is special care prescribed?

Mecha-Fabric Goodness

I won’t mention the price here. It is easy to understand that such uniqueness in style won’t come cheap. Moreover, those watches are limited to certain amounts, so I wouldn’t waste time and get them while they are still available. As you understood, Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Italia Independent in golden should be the most desired one. It is also the most elegant-looking among three, hence it is limited only to 50 pieces. It would be interesting to see next product of this wonderful cooperation.

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