Cristophe Claret Maestro Mamba Goes Green

SIHH 2018 is coming soon, and here we have a chance to check one of the novelties. This is a new Cristophe Claret Maestro Mamba, which should come in limited amount. Swiss watchmaker decided to choose quite striking design, but what is hidden inside? Read on to know more about this beast.
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Jungle Beat

While base model might be well-known to watch fans, newcomer takes a different look at it. Of course, the first thing that is difficult to miss – color. This bright green shade makes new watch look like famous snake. Moreover, watchmaker decided to use green-black colors contrast, and it is vivid on the new model. That’s not all – strap is also finished in bright green.

Guess what – Cristophe Claret Maestro Mamba strap is made from real Mamba leather. Now that sounds unusual, just think of this – wearing part of predator on your wrist. Moreover, Swiss masters decided to add small reminder about snake on the watchface. Just take a careful look, and you will notice tail and head of this venomous creature. Should I mention that all this is done with help of handwork? 🙂 In my opinion, designers managed to make it elegant touch and avoid “useless add-ons”.

Venomous Heart

Well, it would be wrong to think that the main difference is only in color. Mamba is based on Maestro model and comes in matte black case. The most noticeable complication sits at 5 o’clock position. This is a large date display, which is composed out of two cones. Tens are placed on the upper part, and single digit numbers come on the lower segment. Of course, both are finished in green color. Another interesting thing – MEMO function. Using this feature owner can set a reminder and see it right on the watchface. I am not sure if future owners will actually use such bonus, but it is still nice to have on extra complication, right?

Rare Beast

Now the most important thing – world will see only 28 pieces of this model. Moreover, price will be set at 96000 CHF. Well, I can only explain it by the fact that mamba is quite dangerous and creators decided to be careful with distributed amount. 🙂

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