Vulcain Cricket 1947 Heritage Replica Hands On

This article continues series of reports from Brno Watch Expo 2017. As you can see on the main photo, it will be dedicated to one of the latest releases – Vulcain Cricket 1947 Heritage Replica. Model will be released in limited amount, so it was even more interesting to check what it can offer.
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Classic Ressurected

I guess there is no need to tell you that all US Presidents receive Vulcain Cricket watches. Nevertheless, this tradition is quite old, so Swiss watchmaker decided to release copy of their 1947 watch, which will be named as Vulcain Cricket 1947 Heritage Replica.

Of course, it is similar only by external features, while all other are upgraded up to modern standards. Nevertheless, case design deserves separate word. I just adore those classic small watch cases, which perfectly fit on your wrist and still look masculine. This one is also quite elegant, right? Moreover, small size means less weight, what is also quite nice to have on your wrist. Case here is made out of stainless steel. Thin lugs add elegance too, making whole watch look “lighter”.

As for the glass, it is also finished in classic style, which should be familiar to all fans of vintage watches. Some of you might be surprised, but rear cover is made out of steel. No clear insert or any other exposing elements, just one cover with few engraved writings.  From the other side, we don’t often see this part while wearing watch on wrist, right?

Strap deserves separate word – it’s quite soft and reminds of suede. Of course, nobody stops you from adding leather or metal replacement.

Vulcain Cricket 1947 Heritage Replica – Future

Well, as some of you know, Vulcain goes through quite tricky period, so it will be interesting where story will bring this company. I honestly hope that legendary watchmaker will stay intact and we will see more new models.
By the way, you can get this model from official re-seller here.

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