Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 – the Same but Smaller

It looks like Swiss manufacturers bend in and go into smartwatches market too. Just take a look at recent models. Today’s article will tell more about fresh Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41. New version comes as one of the main premieres on recent SIHH 2018. Now let’s take a closer look at what newcomer offers.
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4mm Smaller

Name if the newcomer says it all – fresh model comes with 41 mm case. This is still smartwatch, but this time it is available in smaller size. Swiss watchmaker claims that such dimensions should look good on lady’s hand. Well, I won’t be that sure because it is still noticeable size… Moreover, it is interesting why Tag Heuer decided not to go into sub-40 area with 39 mm. Just look at apple watch, small type is still popular, even though looks really tiny. As you can guess, smaller size brings smaller screen, but overall design is the same as on the bigger model.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 still has fixed bezel, and that what surprises me. Swiss company has great experience with movable add-ons on their creations, and it is strange that we see none of those on smartwatches from Tag Heuer. In my opinion it would be a useful thing to operate watch, especially in this smaller size. Instead of this we would have only one button, bot even a movable crown… Come on, this idea lies right on the top, why not to implement it?!

Pure Classic

Inside you will find the same components as in the bigger version. It means Intel platform with AMOLED screen and Android Wear OS. We still have to see new iteration of the watch operating system from Google, because now it is noticeably different from Apple offering. Moreover, some new functions could help Wear OS get traction on the market. For now we have the same type as we saw on the previous model. In other words, you should be ready to have Android OS phone. Why? Well, iOS devices have limited feature set to use with Android Wear watches, and experience can’t be compared with what you can have with “native” Apple Watch.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 – Price

New model should be available quite soon. Price tag is set at 1200 USD. Well, for this sum you can have automatic watch from the same manufacturer, so the choice will be difficult. Don’t forget about customization offered with Tag Heuer smartwatches, where you can choose and change almost any component. Of course, price won’t stay the same, but it still nice to have your own timepiece, right?

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