REC P-51 Mustang Hands On

Brno Watch Expo is over, and we have several reviews to share with you. Here is the first one. Well, I think it is quite interesting candidate for start. 🙂 Yes, this black timepiece is called REC P-51 Mustang. Let me introduce you to the company first. Frankly speaking, I’ve found out them quite recently, even though I am huge cars fan. Why am I mentioning cars? This company produces watches from recycled car parts! Each model features a bit of real auto, and today’s model is not an exclusion from this rule.
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Pedal to the Metal

I guess this idea should be interesting for die-hard car fans. For now company has only three versions which feature different car parts. List includes Mini, Porsche and Mustang. As for the today’s model, it has P-51 in its name, but don’t be confused – there is nothing related to famous aircraft except of the name. 🙂 Nevertheless, there is a part of different Mustang – car from Ford, which also has status of legend. This is one of the latest models from REC, so let’s take a closer look.

Salvaged metal is used for the dial background, and it makes appearance look special. Moreover, one can guess that there won’t be two pieces looking the same. In other words it is safe to say that each watch is truly unique. As for car fan, it’s sad for me to acknowledge that this shiny plate comes from salvaged coupe, but from the other side at least it will live in form of wristwatch, right?

REC P-51 Mustang – Classic Design

External appearance of this watch just screams about its connection with automotive world. First of all, case repeats main cues in Ford Mustang Design. On one side you will find engraving which mimics car front, and on the other – rear section. Of course, there are no headlamps or taillights, just raised engraving with main features like front grille for example.

Whole case is made out of stainless steel. There are three versions available, one is finished in silver, and other two in black. As you can see on photos, I’ve had a chance to play with black edition, which is numbered as 03 on the website. Manufacturer claims that this shiny black applied with PVD coating, but still I would advice to be careful while wearing this beauty. Screw down crown is finished in golden color.


As you can guess, whole dial is finished in style of car dashboard. What does it mean? You can expect two separate subdials on the main platform. The bigger one shows time and date. Note that date indicator reminds of car odometer. Another one is used for power reserve indication. Both look quite nice and stylish, I like such design. Nevertheless, I am not sure about sign tags placed on both sides of top dial. Those look off, and I would rather prefer a bit more “automobile interpretation” – just look how win numbers look on real cars. I am also not sure about lume, because there is no mention on the website too. Would be cool to see such feature on the next model, right?

REC P-51 Mustang features automatic movement, but don’t think about anything special. Good old Miyota is inside, so you can expect 48 hours power reserve. Caseback cover mimics engine design and has transparent insert, so you would be able to appreciate inner beauty as well. Now what about opening cover, like bonnet on the real vehicle?

Space for Improvement

All models come with leather straps, and you can get a different type from the same manufacturer. I am quite surprised that manufacturer doesn’t use metal bracelets. Moreover, what about strap made out of seatbelt? Such option would look nice too. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that this company is just in the beginning of its journey, and future models will bring us more surprises. As for REC P-51 Mustang – it should be a decent gift for die-hard car fan, who would like to have car with him even when he is not on the car. 🙂
By the way, you can get this watch from official CZ/SK reseller here.


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