REC Watches 901 – Second Life of Masterpiece

We’ve had a chance to check REC Watches P-51 Mustang before, you can read it here. Well, this time manufacturer announced REC Watches 901 – new model. Of course, it features parts of salvaged car. Number hints on quite famous supercar, yes – Porsche 911 was used here. Let’s take a closer look at newcomer.
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Famous Inside

Now take a look at photos and try to remember your first opinion about this watch. I was quite surprised to see such design on the new model. While P-51 actually reminded about real Mustang car, newcomer looks a bit strange. Do you see any Porsche 911 cues here? I hate to say, but it doesn’t even ring an association with famous car. Not from the first sight, not from the second… Well, it is interesting, what lead designers to do REC Watches 901 in such way. There are three color versions, but they all come in light grey color – another strange decision. The only thing that will differ – color of subdials and case shade.

Dashboard gauges of 911 are quite legendary among car fans, and I wonder why this style wasn’t employed here. We can all agree that strict black dial with strict digits font would look good on the wrist. Moreover, open date and day rings also look inconsistent. I can say that it is quite raw appearance, which doesn’t ring a bell and awoke associations with German masterpiece…


Nevertheless, there is one thing that reminded me of original 911. Case shape of REC Watches 901 has those calm smooth curves, which mimic the rear arches of the real car. Well, at least in my opinion they have something in common. Another thing – caseback cover, which copies wheel rim shape. Well, at least you will know that it is there. In my opinion, crown could get some extra treatment too…

For Sale, Salvaged

REC Watches 901 should be already available for purchase. Price is set at 1695 USD, and as you can guess, such tag brings newcomer into highly competitive market share. Now the main question will be how much you love Porsche and would like to have piece of it on your wrist?

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