SEVENFRIDAY PS2/01 – Rough and Tough

This is something we haven’t talked for quite a long time. New SEVENFRIDAY PS2/01 comes as a notable upgrade of well-known model and watchmaker touts it as even better one. Well, no surprise in that, but it was interesting for me to see what is offered behind this traditional massive styling. As you can guess, there will be only one color version, and we will talk about it in this preview. Let’s go!
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We are going to start as usual – from the dial. Nevertheless, I can’t say it is on the main roles here, because designers made quite a lot of work on case. We will discuss it later, now let’s talk about what we see on the dial. PS2/01 comes with beautiful dark dial which features some minor bronze and brass accents. There are whopping five layers in total and it creates truly unusual composition. Even though it might sound too complex, all elements “work” together and don’t fall out from the style.

Note that hours and minutes hands are given the main role here, just like in any other SEVENFRIDAY watch. This is the main cue of this brand, and it is not surprising that it stayed untouched. Yes, dial is skeletonized here, so you can take a look at the movement. Whole dial is covered with sapphire glass, so no scratches would appear here.


SEVENFRIDAY PS2/01 features large steel case with relatively big crown. I have to say that photos are a bit misleading, because in reality we deal with 47.6mm square which is not as big as it might seem to be. Yes, such watch would look weird on thin wrists, so I recommend to try it first. By the way, thickness here 14.2mm. Whole design is also notable because of special “wall” – polished section which would protect the dial. Crown features logo engraving and should be easy to operate even in gloves.

Movement and Strap

Inside you will find Miyota 82S5 with 40 hours reserve. This is a good old automatic caliber which should be fine in everyday use. Rear cover is steel here, so you would be able to see the movement only through the dial. Well, I guess it is not a huge issue, right?

PS2/01 features calf skin leather strap in dark color. Flip it over, and you will see special embossings with watchmaker logo. Don’t forget that special design puts watch “on top” of the strap and creates a bit more compact appearance on your wrist.

SEVENFRIDAY PS2/01 – Price and Availability

As you can guess, new model comes as “normal” release and won’t be limited in amount. Moreover, it should be available immediately and price tag will be around 1300USD. In my opinion this is a quite tricky area because of many rivals from different brands. You shouldn’t forget that quite few can actually offer something similar in styling to what you get here. In my opinion this is quite important selling point. Moreover, this watch will be quite durable and dark colors make it suitable for any outfit.

Don’t forget that you can check watch authenticity with help of special NFC module. This is a neat feature which should come handy for those who are afraid of fake watches.

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