Askania Avus Limited Edition Hands On

Yes, this is another hands on article with interesting watches from Berlin. Today we are happy to share impressions from Askania Avus Limited Edition. This model will come in quite limited amount – only 77 pieces. That’s why we decided to try it as soon as possible. 🙂
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Racing Classic

First of all, it’s important to say that this watch is dedicated to famous racing track in Berlin. German manufacturer decided to issue limited amount in order to commemorate this famous part of the city. Well, I would say straightaway that you shouldn’t expect some crazy design cues and unusual styling.

No, here designers decided to keep classic look, so I guess all fans of extravagant things will continue their search. I can say that creators succeeded in creating quite calm appearance, without some weird extras, and where all parts work together just fine. First of all dial is finished in dark color with nice vintage-styled digits.

Askania Avus Limited Edition – for racers or pilots?

Ok, ok, I will admit that there is no word about this model being racing watch. Nevertheless, large indices should make it easy to read and quite useful behind the wheel. Nevertheless, why I mentioned pilots?! Take a look at the crown – does it remind you of something? The same “onion-shaped” parts were used in traditional pilot watches, so that’s why I thought about flying guys. 🙂

Case here is made out of steel, finish is almost matte, and I like it – nothing will distract you or create unnecessary reflections. Moreover, back side features transparent insert so that you can appreciate inner beauty as well. Note special engraving on the balance weight.


Well, this classic design will definitely find its own fans, so I am not even worried here. The only thing that makes me wonder is the price tag, which features four numbers with 2 in the first place. I don’t have to say that there are many rivals in this price range, so Askania Avus Limited Edition will face quite fierce competition. I recommend you to check the video in order to see how this watch looks on hand.

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