Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes – The Special One

Here we go with another interesting novelty, this time it comes from German watchmaker. Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes features truly unusual design with bright colors on the dial. Moreover, it will be produced as Limited Edition, so I think it is worth taking a look at what is offered in this new watch. I should also mention that watch is already available, just in case you want one as soon as possible. 😉
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Just like in previous Limited Edition from the same brand, we get all attention on the dial here. Watch name hints on the main feature – two bright eyes on the dial. Well, they are painted on two hands, so both eyes will be in different positions what will give you quite unusual look. Note that these parts are also in different colors and such cue makes whole composition even more hypnotic in my opinion. Both subdials come without any digits, so there is nothing else to distract you from those crazy eyes. 😀

Well, there are no digits on the “main” dial either, except of traditional “60” in the top section. On the opposite side you will find small triangle index. Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes offers outer scale on the dial, so it should be relatively easy to read the time. The only thing that bothers me a bit – main hands. They are finished in dark blue and somehow get lost on the whole dial (at least on photos). Who knows, maybe white outline would be handy to bring them out.


As for the case design, don’t expect something unusual here. This part comes in elegant “clean” styling, which doesn’t distract you from the dial. Don’t forget that we deal with classic chrono here, so there are two additional pushers on the right side. All edges are polished, what creates a strict look, suitable for every outfit. Note that rear cover is clear and you can see the movement through it.

By the way, watch features 3133.AS manual caliber which should be fine for everyday use. Power reserve is clocked at 42 hours. Manufacturer also added engraving on the parts what should make the whole assembly a bit more attractive.

Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes – Price and Availability

New watch should be already available for purchase, but I would like to remind that we get a Limited Edition here. Only 30 pieces will be produced, and I have no doubt that it will get sold out quickly. Price is set at 1950 EUR, what is quite reasonable for such exclusive piece with unusual design.

In my opinion, “Crazy Eyes” will attract people who would like to have something special on their wrist and don’t want to spend a fortune. Moreover, it is important to note that new watch might look good on ladies’ wrists too, so maybe you can even get a “pair set” for yourself and your second half. 😉

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