Sternglas Naos Automatik Edition Bauhaus Gives Us Second Chance

Here comes another Limited Edition. Today we are going to talk about fresh Sternglas Naos Automatik Edition Bauhaus. New model continues celebration of Bauhaus anniversary and actually gives us a chance to catch limited run. There are several changes in comparison with previous model, so I think it is worth discussing them in separate preview.
Here you can read about previous release.
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Sternglas Naos Bauhaus Edition Front Shot

Das Ist Automatik

Name of the watch gives out the main feature here – automatic movement inside. Unlike previous release, new edition comes as a bit more sophisticated offer. This is Miyota 821A which is quite reliable for everyday use. Movement should be visible through clear case cover which also features bauhaus appliques. There you will also find number of your watch. It is interesting that Sternglas marks this watch as “sleeve-friendly” because of 12mm height. 🙂

Sternglas Naos Bauhaus Automatik Edition Rear Cover
There is number too 😉

In my opinion automatic caliber might be worth it especially if you would like to get something more developed on your wrist. Power reserve is set at 42 hours, so you shouldn’t be worried about any problems. By the way, dial is covered with saphire glass, quite welcome addition.

Dial Changes

Surprisingly, dial is made in the same styling as previous release. Yes, it looks good, but still it would be cool to see some differentiation. First Limited Edition came out in 250 pieces. I can guess that owners would want to have their watch marked in special way. Well, you won’t be able to tell the difference on the wrist until you see the rear cover. Whether it is good or not – your decision, just keep in mind that fresh release will be limited to 750 pieces instead.

Sternglas Naos Automatik Edition Bauhaus Dial Front View

Sternglas decided to use new distribution scheme, so you can get fresh edition for smaller price until the end of October. Early bird price looks attractive and it will be interesting to see how quickly watch will be marked as sold out.

Sternglas Naos Automatik Edition Bauhaus – Price?

New watch can be ordered directly on manufacturer’s website. Now it is sold for 299 EUR, but “normal” price will be at 350 EUR. There is no word if early offer is somehow limited by amount, but I would still hurry to get one. It might be a good addition for such price.

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