Alpina Startimer Pilot GMT gets extra hand

Just recently we told you about new Pilot quartz watch, and today there is another watch! This time Alpina decided to issue GMT version of this model. Yeah, that means extra hand for additional time indication. It’s still quartz watch, so let’s check it closer.
By the way, here you can read preview with previous version.
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For true travelers

Well, GMT function always comes handy. I guess that’s why Swiss watchmaker decided to use it as the next upgrade for affordable model. As I wrote before, GMT function means extra hand on the dial. Well, it’s good to see that watchmaker didn’t use any weird design cues. New addition looks right in place and doesn’t break overall image of the watch. Control and tuning time should be also simple with help of the only crown. By the way, note that date indication is also in place. Now try to guess how many positions crown has due to so many functions? 🙂

Alpina Startimer Pilot GMT as pilot’s tool

As for styling, Swiss watchmaker decided to honor classic pilot watch design. Therefore we have clean lines, which won’t bother you or obstruct from reading time. I guess it’s really important when you fly in cockpit. 🙂 Size is 42 mm, what can be called as average today. We can say for sure that it’s watch only for men. For variations there will be several straps offered. Those are colored nylon ones, but of course nobody stops you from using some leather aftermarket.

Alpina Pilot GMT

Ready for adventure?

Newcomer is also based on quartz movement, so don’t expect anything special. Moreover, that’s the main player here, which brings price down to affordable level. Yes, tag should have 550 CHF on it, what sounds like reasonable amount for nice Swiss watch with GMT function. From the other side, you can also find some decent automatic options, so final choice will be up to you.

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