Thunder Power goes Electric on IAA 2017

I understand that electric vehicles are now the latest trend in automotive industry. Maybe that’s why there is no surprise in amount of EVs on IAA 2017. Today we will talk about Chinese company Thunder Power (name hints, right?) and its new cars. As you can guess, all models come with electric power inside.
By the way, here you can read about other vehicle, which came out recently.
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Electric Family

Young carmaker goes all in with its cars, so on expo you will see several different models. Manufacturer plans to release sedan, SUV and coupe. Moreover, the latter should come out as Limited Edition. I guess such words hint on its special character. All models should feature design made by Italian design studio, and you can see result on the photos. I am also curious what interior would look like. Nevertheless “in flash” visitors will find only one car – sedan. Let’s take a closer look at what carmaker will offer us.

Redefining Maximum

There is no point to discuss sedan exterior, but I am sure that hardly anyone will be neutral about it. All those small lines hint on Italian style, some cues might be attributed to expensive manufacturers. This is definitely good, Eastern carmakers are moving from copying to their own styling. Moreover, some solutions from well-known models won’t spoil image if they are used in right way. Look at recent releases from famous carmakers – some of them are also full of “citations”. SUV would even have “suicide doors” like Rolls-Royce! Should I remind you that only few vehicles have certification for such type of doors?

Thunder Power Inside

Carmaker suits well to what is hidden inside. New cars will have motor with up to 430 kW. Moreover, Thunder Power promises 650km mileage on one charge. That’s impressive number, which puts Tesla to shame. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that it will go up, and manufacturer seems eager to press on this. Well, six hundred kilometers should be enough for decent ride from one city to another, and maybe even way back. Note that there are no plans to use “petrol extenders” as on some other counterparts. Moreover, Limited Edition coupe should have 488 kW. Such power numbers should give acceleration under 4 seconds, and that’s good, right? 🙂

Another interesting technology – space frame, which should significantly influence final weight. Suspension parts will be manufactured by using hot forging technology for extra strength. Add to this modular structure, and you can expect different combinations of engine and batteries on new cars from Thunder Power. By the way everything was developed in cooperation with German specialists.

Stay Tuned?

Electric cars market is on its “first pages”, and companies still have to go quite long way until we will have decent vehicles. Thunder Power have experience in battery manufacturing, so this fact might give edge over others if used right. Moreover, project involves specialists from all over the world, so there is possibility to have a decent sedan and SUV. Another thing to keep in mind – rapid tech development, so who knows what mileage vehicles will have on their last stage of development… Now let’s cross fingers and hope that we will see car in 2019 as promised. Recent agreement on factory in Catalania looks quite interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing project complete. Below you can find few of specs.

Range: up to 650 km (NEDC)
Battery capacity: up to 125 kWh
Traction option: 2WD rear or 4WD
E-machine: 2 or 3 motor
Traction control: Torque vectoring system
Maximum speed : up to 250 km/h
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h:  < 4.0s
System power: up to 430 KW, depending upon model configuration

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