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Dodge Durango SRT 2017

New powerful mammoth from Dodge is going to show good old power


I guess all petrolheads had a childhood dream to put crazy engine into some typical car, which you see on the streets. Oh, come on, don’t wave your head, it’s always funny to see more than 500 hp in a simple minivan or truck. Moreover, recent sales of “squared” editions of G-wagens show that there are more children around us than what we think. 🙂 It seems that Dodge decided to trick this feeling in us one more time. First it was Challenger and Charger in Hellcat editions, they also prepare crazy truck, and now we are presented with Durango in SRT edition.
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Those three letters completely change identity of the good old Durango, which was heavy 6-seater with angry appearance. Now there are almost 500hp inside, and you can guess how it accelerates with such power under the hood. Of course, it will be silly to expect steering as good as on 911, but this madness might be a perfect traffic light racer. I wonder how it will accelerate from 50 km/h…

Yeah, company claims that new edition will be supplied with lowered suspension and stiffer springs, but we are smart enough to understand that this mass won’t feel such change. Moreover, inside there is full options list included, so you will be able to have all luxury stuff combined with 475hp. Of course, there will be different toys like a launch control and anti-slip systems, so that you won’t burn set of tires in a one launch. From the other side, how about even more radical Hellcat version with 700hp and 5 seats? 😉


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