Nissan Leaf 2018 becomes Normal

While electric cars still try to find themselves we will talk about new Nissan Leaf. Japanese manufacturer decided to release fresh generation, and it clearly shows new ideas. All those novelties are even more obvious after you compare this car with old generation.
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Traditional Design

Yes, now Leaf looks like normal car, not as something remotely reminding of car after acid bath. As you can see on the photos – not anymore. Now it’s easy to confuse this model with any other Nissan available today. Nissan Leaf doesn’t look too screaming, and it’s not “hey look at me – I am electric” style. No, new revision brings calm design finished in the same way as “normal” petrol car. I guess, that’s what we all waited – not another weird spaceship with huge “electric” writing on the side. Moreover, interior is also nice, and while all competitors go crazy with touch panels, here we have classic buttons (!!!), which you can operate without looking away from road. Another positive side of such interior and features – cheaper price, what should attract more people.

Nissan Leaf 2018 Interior

Nissan Leaf and its E-Pedal

I wouldn’t dive deep into technical specifications and other stuff. Let’s just say that Nissan Leaf can pass 400 km on one charge. Sounds decent for everyday car and trips around city. The most interesting feature in the new model is named as “E-Pedal” and will be definitely appreciated by women. Some might say that automatic transmission is easy – there are only two pedals. Well, what about controlling car with one pedal only??? Yes, that’s what Nissan implemented in the new Leaf. Moreover, car should hold still on the hill once you release the pedal, and I think such feature is quite interesting “gadget” to have in your car. Well, I hope it won’t help driver lose manual driving skills. 😀 New generation is coming, and I guess it will be as simple as this one-pedal tech…

Worth Attention?

New Nissan Leaf is not amazing, it isn’t shocking, but it’s decent and normal looking. Those features were needed in modern electric cars to make them attractive to common people like the guy you will see in some Qashqai in front of you. I think that Nissan has done perfect homework, and now we have good vehicle with decent mileage on one charge. Ladies should also rejoice – one pedal control should be as easy as unlocking their iPhone. Let’s wait until Frankfurt Motor Show to see this car in person.

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