New BMW X4 Surprise with Styling

I am not sure if that’s the latest trend to surprise us with weird design solutions, or I am just old, but here it is – new BMW X4, which we can expect on upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. There is no need to mention that SUV Coupe is quite strange genre, but this time we get combo of all possible design cues.
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New rear brings doubts

While previous X4 was quite a strange animal, which copied X6, but in smaller size, and therefore some styling things looked like copypasted from its bigger brother, new BMW X4 will copy “civil” coupes and  their style. First of all, take a look at rear part, because that’s one segment where the most changes appeared. Rearlights now remind me of latest concept coupes, but I don’t see there anything related to BMW and its roots. Yes, authors tried to implement raised outer segments, but those things just don’t look as Bavarian, and I guess it’s time to fire current designer and find a man with common sense. Come on, even cars from Bangle era appeared like a proper “Bimmers” and didn’t remind of Chinese carmakers. The funniest part here is that now rear also looks like rival car – Mercedes GLC, and that’s not a nice thing to notice on Bavarian newcomer.

Traditional front?

After all those “features” in rear part, front looks like feast of “traditionalism” and Bavarian culture. Kidneys would be even bigger, here no surprise at all. New BMW X4 will have those bumpers with black sections which should mimic blank areas. Well, I do understand that such solution is the cheapest way to replicate throughout parts of the bumpers, but is it suitable for BMW. This is part just looks weird in person and even more strange if there is some dirt on it. The only good thing I can say – at least front lights look like true Bavarian car.

Destinied to succeed?

I am not sure about motoring, but we can expect some of the engines from current generation X3. New BMW X4 should be revealed soon, and it will be interesting to see it in person. Who knows, maybe those weird “frying pan” rearlights would look good in person?

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