MB&F Kelys and Chirp – Turtle which is not Ninja

Each time I see new creation from MB&F, I ask myself one question. How they will overcome such unusual design and surprise us again. Well, maybe they have found some secret source of inspiration, but today we will talk about their new creation. MB&F Kelys and Chirp is a turtle which can be placed on your table. Yes, you read it right, and this shiny subject copies real turtle. Let’s take a closer look.
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You Never Know

Well, shape here is not the only special thing. MB&F Kelys and Chirp hints that there is not only turtle in this construction. Well, the latter word is quite suitable for something that is able to walk on your table. Yep, this shiny turtle can move around after you press the necessary button. I would say it is not a button, because actually you have to touch tail of this turtle. That’s not all! Inside there is singing bird, which comes from the last remaining high-end musicbox singing bird manufacturer. Their name is Reuge, and they keep producing interesting things since 1865.

Well, in order to see this bird, you will have to have a bit of patience. First MB&F Kelys and Chirp walks and then one of the tiles opens and exposes  Chirp – small bird, which will sing its song and then hide again. Of course, it goes inside turtle after completing its short song. This is also accompanied with flapping wings, and turtle will continue its walk after song is finished.

Zoo on your Table

Now some of you might think that MB&F Kelys and Chirp is some kind of concept, which is not available for everyone. No, no and once again no. Construction with 1.4kg weight and 480 parts inside can be bought! There are not that many pieces available though. 4 colors, 18 pieces each do not make overall production too big. Nevertheless, I am sure that such object will add interesting touch to your working atmosphere. The only thing to keep in mind – do not let this thing walk off the table. 😉

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