MB&F Nebula Hive brings Light

Ok, we continue to break up stream of watch articles. Nevertheless, this one is also connected to watchmaker. As you can guess from the name, we will talk about new creation from Swiss company – MB&F Nebula Hive. Once again, I will repeat that it is not a watch, but it’s still worth our attention. Let’s take a closer look.
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Rare Light

I think the most important thing here is amount of those light fixtures – 18. Yeah, just eighteen pieces, and not even one more. Another interesting thing is the price tag, but if you are bothered about it – you can jump right to the last paragraph. New project was created in cooperation with Ivan Black and his studio named as INK and based in Britain. I tried to find their website, but it seems like you have to know him personally in order to know more. Jokes aside, he specialises on special fixtures, which play with light effect, for example. Today’s creation is exactly this type – light structure, which comprises more than 2000 parts assembled manually(!).

MB&F Nebula Hive as Manifest against Tech

I personally see this project as “in your face” type, where author decided to oppose current obsession with tech. Everything here was produced with hands and even designer himself took part in preparing some parts. Each element is machined from brass, and in total author needs 12 weeks to assemble one of those “Hives”. Well, are there any people who still wonder about price?

Main principle is hidden in rotating those light “branches” what should create different shapes and quite interesting effect. Some might say that it was obvious, but do you know any other light with such hypnotizing action? Light and motion look good together, so there is no surprise if this creation will take central place in future owner’s main room. Who knows, maybe it even replace TV 😀

Kinetic and Expensive

Well, once again, only 18 pieces will be made. If that’s not stopping you from searching for your wallet, here is another thing. Yes, price. It will be fixed at 24800 CHF. Just think about it – you won’t pay 25k, and save 200 for transporting this beauty right into your house. Well, we can continue joking, but I have no doubt that this masterpiece will be soon sold out and placed on the most visible spot in different houses. It can’t be otherwise, because it’s shame to hide such hypnotizing creation, right?

What do you think?

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