“Disintegrating X” by Fabian Oefner Brings our Fantasies Alive

Today we will take a break from watches and talk about something different – photo named as “Disintegrating X”. This one plays on our childhood memories, when boys played with their toy cars. I mean we all had those nice die-cast models, right? Now what about crushing them into parts? Well, that is exactly what we get here. Let’s take a closer look.
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Lambo Apart

Lamborghini Miura doesn’t need an extra introduction and car fans will start breathing heavily after hearing this name. Fabian Oefner decided to take all parts from this famous car and take a photo of exploding vehicle. No worries – no C4 or bombs were used to take this crazy poster. “Disintegrating X” actually continues series of tricky photos showing vehicle going into pieces. To say that it looks amazing is to underestimate whole work which was done in order to get such result.

Ok, let’s start from the beginning. Car on the photo is Lamborghini Miura SV, which was undergoing restoration process. In other words, car was disassembled prior to photoshoot and then assembled back into its normal shape. Who knows, maybe it is already driving around somewhere on Swiss roads. Photographer had to take 1500 (!!!) individual images in order to get the final result. Now imagine amount of work spent in front of PC screen in order to bring them together. Moreover, Fabian dedicated two years of his life for this creation.

Fourth Dimension

Now take another careful look at this photo. It looks mesmerizing, but only few people in this world would actually have it on their walls. There will be two sizes available – small (140x70cm, 18 prints) and large (230x115cm, 8 prints) in total. No surprise that there is no official word on pricing, but you can request it in M.A.D. Gallery. In my opinion this is truly amazing work, and we can just wonder which car will be the next on the photo.


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