Steinhart MILITARY 47 ST1 black Ltd. Edition – Obvious Name and New Design

Yes, this article will be about another darkened watch – Steinhart MILITARY 47 ST1 black Ltd. Edition. This is new watch from German company which brings slightly different design in limited amount. Number 47 is not related to overall amount of watches made, but to case size. Let’s try to find out what is special about this watch.
By the way, here you can read about another Steinhart watch.
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Dark Style

Overall design might look familiar to you. This is part of Military Series (surprise!) and brings classic design in black color. In other words, you can expect good readability with help of big digits on the dial. The only thing that catches eye – separate seconds display at “9” mark. As you can notice, there is scale only from the right side, what adds visual interest. From the other side, this writing on the disc doesn’t suit overall style. In my opinion it would look better with some industrial or military pattern on it.

Rear cover on Steinhart MILITARY 47 ST1 black Ltd. Edition is transparent and displays movement. This is Steinhart ST.1 Premium calibre which features various tweaks over previous versions. Technical specifications don’t say the word about power reserve for this movement, so let’s hope that it will survive for at least day. Original ETA Unitas 6497-1 works approximately for 46 hours though.

Steinhart MILITARY 47 ST1 black Ltd. Edition – Price?

Funny thing is that there is no word how “limited” this watch will be. At least there is no word about it in description, so I had to carefully check photos in order to find out that it will be produced in 44 pieces. Yes, just 44, and you are able to choose your number on official Steinhart website. Some of those (number 1 too, surprise) are already gone, so I recommend to hurry if you want to get something special.

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