Laco Edition 96 – Going Dark

Hi, everyone! This article will be dedicated to Laco Edition 96. New model comes as very limited release, and number in the name hints on how many watches will be produced. In my opinion this is quite interesting release for fans of military watches, so it is worth taking a closer look together. Moreover, today’s watch is based on the famous Scorpion model. Let’s check what is offered in this special series.
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As the dark color is the main thing in today’s watch, one can guess that dial is black. Well, surprise, surprise, it comes in menacing and elegant black. In my opinion it is a welcome change in comparison with sports watches from Laco which offer brighter colors. Such version better suits the military styling and lets you focus on the time indication here.

Well, there is a small trick hidden on the dial, and in my opinion it is a bit difficult to see it on official photos as well. Indices come in grey color, while digits are white. This creates slightly different composition where all indices are going backwards in the whole composition. In my opinion this is a really great and subtle trick which adds visual interest. Of course, all important dial elements are also covered with luminous layer which will come handy in dark time of the day.

Designers decided to add another interesting element – two parallel lines at 12″ position. Such thing looks unusual and should be easy to spot in any conditions. Writings are kept in reasonable amount, but it would be cool to see them in even more “tamed” version. Who knows, maybe German masters will bring us something like this in the future. 🙂


First of all I have to note that case size is 42mm, so it is reasonably-sized watch. Such thing should be easy to wear on average man’s wrist. Well, I would still recommend to think twice if you have thin wrists. Laco claims that this watch is ready for diving and can offer 30ATM water protection. In my opinion this is a good number, suitable for recreational use under water.

Designers kept the traditional Scorpion logo on the rear cover. Note that today’s watch comes with a screwdown crown. This element also features “96” engraving on it. Leather strap features special pattern which looks elegant and sleek in dark color.

Laco Edition 96 – Availability and Price

New watch will come as Limited Edition – only 96 pieces will be produced. You can buy your own watch from now on for 1290 EUR. Moreover, there is a possibility to get a Leatherman tool for 99 EUR. Unfortunately, there are no photos or information on whether this tool will be somehow personalised in order to suit the special status of the watch.

Well, we are after watch here, right? In my opinion, Laco did a great job in order to add few minor improvements and avoid spoiling initially good design. Dark color creates a menacing image and watch looks even more purposeful. There are no playful colors, and I am sure that some watch fans will appreciate this. The only thing that is required – be fast in order to catch one piece for your collection. 96 watches produced can also make it a good conversation piece which you can get without wasting a fortune.

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