Prestigio Graphene PD Watch Review

This time we are going to talk about quite handy thing – powerbank, which is built with new tech inside. This is Prestigio Graphene PD Watch, and it comes as second generation of high-tech powerbanks from Prestigio. Frankly speaking, I missed the first generation, so it was interesting to see what this product has to offer. Well, I ordered one and ready to tell you more about this unusual device.
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Powerbank comes in nice white box. I have to say that packaging is quite hefty and makes almost half of the total weight. Note that box should come shrink wrapped and battery will be enclosed in foil from both sides. Box design is quite clever, so you will learn all necessary features just by reading the text there.


External styling continues the same thing as what we saw in the first series. It means we get glass from both sides and metal side with polished edges. It feels and looks premium, assembly quality is quite good, and there is nothing wobbly or feeling loose. Maybe the only thing I can complain about is the LED display which looks a bit too simple. Well, maybe some of you will like the classic look of this element.

Packaging features several useful accessories. First of all, you will get a leather case for this powerbank. Prestigio Graphene PD Watch also can be charged from the “fast” power adapter (60W) which comes in the box. Moreover, there are various adapters included, and those should come handy for travelling.

In Use

Prestigio Graphene PD Watch hints at the main feature when you read its name. New material makes it possible to avoid heating during charging and therefore can be charged even faster. All this sounds incredible, but you have to see it in action. Moreover, you can do passthrough charging, what gives you chance to charge both powerbank and devices connected to it. This might sound like a simple thing, but not all powerbanks can do it, and this is really useful feature.

As for the available ports, there are two “normal” USB ports which support fast charging and USB-C. As you can guess, modern port will serve got charging the battery as well as charging some devices. Note that there is also a reset hole LED on the front side, which lights up when you charge this powerbank. Button does only one function – switch on and off.

As for me, the main showstopper here – fast wireless charge and Apple Watch adapter. Both things will come handy for those who don’t want to carry a lot of wires with them. Moreover, this wireless charging somehow doesn’t heat your phone, so both device and battery stay cool.

One more thing – this small brick is capable to give enough power to MacBook! Yep, you read it right, and in my opinion this is also important feature which should come handy in life.

Prestigio Graphene PD Watch – Price and Availability

This device should be already available in two versions – 10000mah and 20000mah. I was searching for bigger variant, but it is really rare, so I decided to get the smaller option. In my opinion price is more than reasonable for the technology and quality you get here. It should be around 100USD, so it won’t make you poor. This powerbank is something I can recommend to those people who search for powerful battery, capable to charge not only phones, but also laptops and tablets.

Just be sure to hurry, as it looks like supply is not that big and powerbanks get sold out quickly.
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