Laco Atacama – Tactical Classic

This watch might be familiar to some of you who read articles on our website. New Laco Atacama is a classic squad watch and we had a chance to play with it long time before actual premiere. Yes, on Baselworld we tried this watch and now ready to tell you our impressions together with official information.
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Laco Atacama – Black and Mean

Watchmaker proudly calls new watch as “Squad Watch”. As official release claims, timepiece should come handy (pun intended) for police, emergency forces and military. Well, I don’t know about this guy, but this watch will definitely catch those who love mean-looking watches which just radiate “coolness”. Take a careful look at this design. Frankly speaking, even photos don’t catch beauty of this model. Laco Atacama looks completely different in reality, and it is a good thing.

First of all this black case is the meanest you can imagine. What you will hardly notice on the photos – special polishing, which is not too shiny and looks just right here. Moreover, we don’t have any half-measures here, so all possible parts covered in black. Laco claims that this PVD coating is scratch resistant. I tried to get even tiny scuff on the case and failed. In other words it is safe to confirm that it will be difficult to damage this watch. Sounds like a good everyday piece, right?

Serious Comfort

That’s not all. Not only special coating contributes to ease of use, but also special case shape. Look at it from the side and you will notice main feature. Conical shape makes Laco Atacama easy to wear even when you bend your palm, and it doesn’t go right into your hand. Obviously, it was designed with military guys in mind and I wonder how many of our readers are serving in military. While such shape somehow reminds of UFO I can confirm that such simple idea is handy and comes as nice addition to strap connection.

Laco Atacama also features special swivel connection for strap, what makes watch fitment even more tight on your wrist. I am not sure if those pieces will accept aftermarket strap, but do you really need something different from standard offering? This black silicone option looks like it was taken from army storage and supplied to you. Truly men design, which will look equally good even with costume if you are brave enough to wear such combo. 😉


Inside owner will find ETA 2824.2 movement. There is no word about power reserve in official specifications though. Another questionable thing – water resistance, which is set at 50 ATM. Come on, I would rather sacrifice transparent rear cover for better water proof. From the other side, who would actually dive at least ones with this watch? We all know each other, right, desk divers? 😀

True All-Rounder

I was quite surprised when I found out Laco Atacama price. It is set at 1130 USD (reference number 861632.2), what is quite reasonable for such unusual timepiece. Here the main point should be on word “unusual” because new timepiece offers amazing look, which is easy to wear. Add here ability to survive daily wear and tear and you will get perfect everyday choice for those who want to show their military taste.

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