Laco Augsburg and Aachen Change Color

Today we are going to talk about fresh models from German watchmaker. Taupe is the key word here. It is related to two watches – Augsburg and Aachen. Those are classic versions from German brand but there is small hint. Moreover, watch was shown on Baselworld 2019, so we’ve had a chance to play with both models. Let’s take a closer look.
By the way, here you can read about another Laco watch.
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Watch new Laco Taupe in action.

New Shade

Main showstopper here is the new dial color. Laco doesn’t change case design – it stays classic. Nevertheless, dial shade changes into various unusual shades. This time it is named as “Taupe” and looks like mix of several colors. First of all it is silverish, but then under certain light angles you would see hint of brown color. Such version looks unusual in person. I recommend to check video in order to see how this dial finish “plays” on the light.

Whole image is supported with new brown leather strap. This one is quite soft and has grainy texture. It is still classic flieger double-riveted strap which suits new watches. In my opinion this component plays quite important role in overall perception of the watch.

Small Surprise

Summer announces are not that common, but here we have another unusual thing. New watches will be released in limited numbers. Whole production is set at 500 pieces in total. Sounds impressive, right? Well, that’s not all because price tag is fixed at 390 Euros.

We can call it “affordable exclusive” which will be even more rare than some expensive watches. By the way, serial number will be engraved on the rear side.

Laco Taupe – When?

Main question is when this watch will be available for purchase? German brand plans to sell it right from August. I highly doubt that it will take a lot of time until all pieces will be sold. In other words, if you think about getting some pilot watch with extra touch – this might be your perfect chance.

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