Accutron Legacy Collection Date and Day “Q”

Today we are going to discuss new watch from the famous brand. Accutron Legacy Collection Date and Day “Q” comes as Limited Edition timepiece finished in classic style. American watchmaker decide to take a look at heritage models and release some of them in the reimagined versions. Moreover, Accutron was famous for its precision and here we get a small reminder about how great-looking original design was. This particular model even had “up and down” nickname, so it would be interesting to see what is inside. Let’s take a closer look together.
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Nickname is based on the dial design and I recommend to take a careful look at the photos. Unusual apertures of day and date indicators create quite an interesting composition. I am not sure about white color of those elements, but maybe somebody will like such design. Moreover, whole dial is not circular, but oval, what looks special and should age nicely. Note that Roman numerals were used only in three positions, all other marks are represented by indices. There is only one logo on the dial – Accutron with tuning fork. This is really great thing as there is nothing extra on the watchface.


Silver tone stainless steel case here is just as important as the dial. All those curves don’t look extra and add to the overall look. Size equals to 34,5mm and that makes timepiece suitable even on thin wrists. Another nice touch – crown placement at 4″ position. On the rear cover you will find a number of your watch and special opening which will help you appreciate the beauty of the movement inside.

Accutron Legacy Collection Date and Day “Q” – Price and Availability

Without further ado, I can say that there will be only 600 pieces produced. Price should be set at 1400USD, what is quite reasonable for such limited production. For these money you would get really nice timepiece which would look great in every situation.

In my opinion it is really great to see such iconic pieces being reborn, and Limited production makes it even more valuable. The only question if we would see more versions in the future because different colors should look great on such dial. Well, let’s wait and see what will come in 2022.

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