Laco Munchen Erbstuck – Old but New

This time we have a chance to talk about another “military” watch – Laco Munchen Erbstuck. As you can see, new model comes from the famous German watchmaker. New release should be available in limited amount and feature special finish. Moreover, it offers unusual take on the classic Flieger design, so I decided to take a closer look here. Let’s start from the dial as usual.
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I hope you remember that we deal with a chronograph watch here. Chrono functions were added to classic pilot’s watch dial and designers did a great job to achieve unified look. Additional elements don’t fall out from the whole composition and look sleek. Readability is also good, we still get large hands and digits on the dial. Moreover, they are covered with Superluminova, so night-time visibility should be fine too. All this things are covered with patina, what creates aged look, quite unusual and convincing.

I am also glad to see the minimum of writings on the dial – you will find only Laco logo and “made in Germany”. These two come in weathered state, so they don’t look like something extra. I also like blue metal finish of the hour and minute hands.


As for the case, we get a part with 42,3mm size and 14,7mm thickness. Those are quite reasonable numbers, especially considering recent trends. I know, Flieger fans will say that original watches were bigger, but this one is not a classic flieger. Moreover, we deal with chronograph, so crown is surrounded with pushers from each side. As you can guess, these elements are also weathered.

Inside you will find Laco 50 movement, which is based on Valjoux 7750. Power reserve is not specified though. Each watch will be packed with leather strap. Of course, this element is also weathered for even more convincing look. It is 20mm wide, so you can get some aftermarket strap or something from original Laco store.

Laco Munchen Erbstuck – Availability and Price

I have to note that new watch comes as Limited Edition with only 30 pieces produced. Each one of those will be truly unique because of patina, so you can be sure that this is an exclusive offer. Price should be set at 2990EUR, what might look a bit high on the first glance. Nevertheless, Limited Edition form Laco are quite good in keeping their value, so this might be a good investment too.

I know, some might say that artificial patina is not something they would like to have on their new chrono, but this release is aimed at fans of old things. We all know that old fliegers didn’t have any additional functions, so Munchen Erbstuck offers you a chance to get more features in the aged package. I am quite sure that all 30 pieces will be sold out quickly, so it is better to hurry up if you want one. 🙂

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