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Steinhart Barrique Skull Limited Edition – Too Much?

All this GDPR stuff passed by, and we start to get newsletters again. Well, this time I received email about new Steinhart Barrique Skull Limited Edition. This newcomer from German watchmaker will be released in a quite small amount – only 111 pieces! Well, it also raised few questions which I would like to discuss here. Let’s take a closer look.
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Manufactured Collectible

First of all I have to say that I love Limited Editions, be it watches, cars or maybe even comicbooks. Nevertheless, something twitched inside, and I am not sure that this watch is a good idea. Yes, it will be released only in 111 pieces worldwide, what will make it truly rare. As far as I understood, buyers will also have a possibility to choose serial number for their watch. Nevertheless, I am not that confident that we all waited for such watch. I know, I know, there are fans of skull-decorated stuff. (maybe I can even include myself in this group) Nevertheless, here the main issue is not in the presence of skulls on the watch and strap, no…

Brother from Another…

In my opinion the main “nah” here is the design of the watch. It is not related to skulls, as I said before. Take a careful look, and you will get what I mean. There are some nice tributes to famous designs, their interpretations, but here we have different case. All watch fans will instantly recognize bits of iconic Richard Mille design here. Yes, this is not exact copy, and overall idea is slightly altered, nevertheless, would somebody care about it on some nice dinner? It was always interesting for me, what those people answer, when somebody asks them if this is true Swiss watch, but it is not. Is the watch design situation that bad so designers decided just to take various ideas from “bigger brothers”?

Steinhart Barrique Skull Limited Edition – Unlimited No

Once again, I would repeat that this rant is more related to the new Steinhart Barrique Skull Limited Edition. German company has other nice models in its lineup, but I would rather recommend to pass on this type. Check their aviation models, which look way more serious and won’t place you into uncomfortable situation on some official occasion. 😉
P.S.: at the time when this article will be online, biggest share of this model is marked as sold. Yes, for 960 EUR for one watch…

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