Werenbach Mach 33 – Bright Star

I guess time flies, and today Werenbach launches their new watch on Kickstarter. New model is named as Werenbach Mach 33 and should be available soon. This time watchmaker decided to do something different. Moreover, they promise affordable price, what should bring new people to this brand. Let’s take a closer look at what we will have here.
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Complete Overhaul

I hope you read and watched our previous reports with Werenbach watches. Those were timepieces
inspired by space and cosmonautics. Important thing here is that nothing has changed in the new Werenbach Mach 33. It is still watch inspired by space missions. Moreover even at lower price authors decided to include piece of original rocket. In other words, Werenbach decided to provide us with Swiss watch for reasonable money and keep their main feature. It sounds great, right? Well, it is in fact, believe me. We had a chance to play with test pieces all the way back in spring, and they looked impressive.

What we have here is simple three-hand watch. No other extra dials, just the necessary info and clean design. In my opinion, such style suits space topic, and I am glad that authors didn’t go into some weird design solutions. Moreover, look at the case shape (there will be two sizes available) – do you see any extra elements? Yep, that’s the thing – only calm, smooth lines, which remind of space rocket shape. Crown is the only “brave” thing in overall design, but it won’t surprise current Werenbach watch owners. I would call it trademark feature. Surprisingly it doesn’t look out of place, you can see it on photos. By the way, look at the rear side – does it remind you of something? 🙂

We mentioned special feature for those watches, well, you will be able to connect it with your phone. No, this is not smartwatch, but owners will be happy for sure. Each new model will carry special chip with info about this particular watch and rocket from which you have piece inside. Sounds cool, right? In my opinion that’s just the start, and we will see more functions added in close future. Keep in mind that for this feature you will need NFC function in your phone. I think that’s not the issue, because now every decent smartphone has it inside.

Werenbach Mach 33 – Success?

In total there will be three various collections, which differ in price and appearance. As I wrote above, all three look amazing, so it will be quite difficult to pick out obvious winner. Check them by yourself and choose the one suitable for you. Moreover, I wouldn’t say that it is strictly masculine watch – it might look good on ladies’ wrists too. 😉

Oh, note that campaign is already successful on the first day! In my opinion it is quite impressive for completely new project. Nevertheless, you still can get your Werenbach Mach 33 for interesting price, you will find it on this page.

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