Sinn 103 Sa B E Hands On

I would like to start Baselworld reports with this article – hands on with new Sinn 103 Sa B E. German manufacturer decided to release four new models on Baselworld 2018, and this is one of them. It is obvious that watchmaker wanted to focus on quality of newcomers, and I can confirm that they succeeded in this. New model comes in limited amount, but we played with it for some time and ready to share our impressions. I also recommend you to watch video with this watch.
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Blue Beauty

First of all, yes, this model might look familiar to you because it is based on the famous chrono from German watchmaker. Name hints on the “base”. Well, this time Frankfurt company decided to completely rework appearance and issue new version as limited edition. Sinn 103 Sa B E comes in nice blue, which is unusually bright and definitely catch attention from the first sight. Blue color can be found on bezel, dial and even strap (even though we didn’t get a chance to try such version). Here I should note that while bezel is a solid blue shade, dial has sunray finish, which adds more visual interest to this model. Of course, each subdial has its own circle finished in the same style as the watchface. In my opinion color shade is the “right one” for this model and it definitely works with chrono layout.

Classic Reimagined

Well, there is also another component which plays important role in Sinn 103 Sa B E image. Take a look at indices color. They come in white only on bezel, while dial features nice ivory-coloured finish. Sinn claims that this is the first time they actually use such color on their watch. It is also important to mention that this color still stays luminous, so you won’t lose such “precious” function. As a result we have nice contrast between blue and ivory colors on the watch. It definitely creates “classy” look and doesn’t feel like something unnecessary. In my opinion those features work together and create one complete image.

Three in One

As usual for Sinn, there are several strap options. I mentioned above blue version, but I didn’t see it in person, so we can talk about brown leather and metal bracelet. Both should be available immediately. In my opinion the one you should spend your money on – brown leather. Just look at photos, and you will understand why.

Such version is even more refined visually, and blue works nicely with deep brown on the strap. Moreover, here we get soft leather, which is comfortable for everyday wear. Metal… Well, metal bracelet should appeal to those who like cold appearance of the polished links. Even though I am big fan of metal bracelets, for this watch I would choose leather.

Hands On

New model based on famous 103, so if you’ve had a chance to play with any of previous versions, you should know what to expect. Nevertheless, here we have one big difference – front glass. I recommend to check video, so that you will understand how this part sits on Sinn 103 Sa B E.

German watchmaker decided to play with shapes, and here buyer will get curved glass, which is raised over bezel level. In person it makes great impression and doesn’t influence readability of the dial. Manufacturer claims that this parts is made out of 5mm thick sapphire glass. Well, I would say that it looks and feels special to have such part on your watch.

As for the everyday wear, this model is absolutely comfortable to wear and should work with any outfit. The only thing you should keep in mind – polished case. We all know what to expect from such surface, so I would rather recommend to be careful with it. Otherwise all components are easy to handle and bezel has nice feedback while being rotated. Even though this is not a pilot watch, crown is screwable, what adds to interaction with watch.

Sinn 103 Sa B E – Price

Ok, without any prolongations I will say that price is set 2600 EUR, what looks reasonable for such beautiful watch. Moreover, let’s not forget that this is a limited edition. Sinn 103 Sa B E will produced only in 500 pieces, each will feature special writing ‘Eine von 500’ on the rotor. In my opinion this model is a perfect choice for those who would like to have something unusual without going to crazy designs. Moreover, you can play with straps combinations and get three completely different appearances. Hurry, I doubt that it will be available for too long.

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