Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Premium 500 – Long Name, Classic Style

First of all I would like to ask manufacturers – please, avoid using such crazy long names like Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Premium 500. Who knows, maybe I will forget one number and buy completely different watch. Jokes aside, today we will talk about new diver watch from German company. Name hints on the size, which should be reasonable for many wrists. While I am not huge fan of words “premium”, “luxury” and others in the products’ names, it is interesting to see what actually makes newcomer special. Let’s take a closer look.
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Forever Young

Say what you want, but I think that deskdiving will stay for quite a long time. We hardly remember when it all started, so there is no surprise in new models. Fresh Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Premium 500 comes with black and blue bezel. You can forget about other colors, at least for now. Nevertheless, I am happy to see classic stainless steel case without any unnecessary extras. As usual, crown is screwable here. Watch is waterproof up to 500 m, so it makes sense to have such crown design and special protection from both sides. Each hour mark is a big point, which should be easy to see even under water.

I would choose this model with metal bracelet because it has more unified look. Of course, you would be also able to order silicone or leather.


Yep, inside you will find good old ETA 2893-2 with 21 jewels. Don’t forget about GMT and date functions – those are also present here. Second time zone feature will come handy for sure. I recommend to try it in order to understand why it is good. There is special transparent section in the rear cover in case you will forget what is inside. The one thing that makes me doubtful – gold rotor… Come on, there are more interesting colors than just typical golden…

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Premium 500 – Price and Availability

Here I have to tip my hat – price tag is set at quite reasonable level. New watch will cost 660 EUR, what is not that devastating in my opinion. I am trying to remember some credible alternatives, but nothing comes to my mind. Yes, we have Seiko divers, but those are in class of their own. New model mimics classic style and will come handy for those who would like to have decent watch for reasonable money. Just be sure to learn whole name of your new watch. 😉

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