Why Huawei Mate X isn’t Worth Buying

MWC 2019 is going on this week and Chinese company presented new Huawei Mate X. Yes, another flexible-bendable phone, and yes – it is very expensive. I am bit overwhelmed by recent price tags and that is what we are going to discuss today. Are all those technologies really worthy such amount of money?
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Flexing Money

Let’s take a look at this new genre of bendable phones. First it was Samsung, now we have Huawei Mate X, and I have no doubt that more will come. At least Xioami already teased their own vision (which is better in my opinion). What this extra fold offers? Extra screen space and practically double-screen functionality. This feature might be really handy for power users and I won’t be surprised if it will kill small tablets (maybe big ones too). Nevertheless, we don’t get increased battery juice, so you can imagine what will happen during active use.

Next is a wow-factor… Well, I am not sure about this one. Wow-factor was applicable when design was still alive among mobile phones and we could get absolutely amazing piece of art. Nokia 8800, Moto Aura – those still have some fans and would surprise everybody around. While we are talking about it, old phones I just mentioned cost quite reasonable money and can offer you completely priceless experience. As for design – please, return soft-touch plastic, metal, carbon fiber! Everything except of freaking glass will change perception of the new phone. Samsung decided to do at least something with hinge, but that is not enough!

Reliability might be another thing to keep in mind. While Samsung model closes everything inside (and has ridiculous display outside), Huawei Mate X keeps both halves outside, so let’s not think about what will happen in the bend area. This is plastic, not glass screen, and I am quite curious to see what will happen after active use for half a year… Good indicator here – Apple. Why there are no foldable phones from US company? Yep, because they would like to see how it plays out and then go into the market. I don’t believe into stories that “such technology is not available for them”. Come on, even some noname Chinese company released their phone, so I doubt that there is an issue.

Next problem is that this is pure tech powerhouse with no status value attached. See it as another android phone. Now, can somebody look at prices for used note edge on the market? Quick look will show you prices around 80-100 USD. At the same time Motorola Aura costs at least three times more and is an older phone. Food for thoughts, huh?

Huawei Mate X – Price

2299 EUR… This is the price for the new phone and I am not sure if that number is crazy or completely out of earth. Just imagine what you can get for those money. Problem is not in the price – me and many other people I know are ready to pay such amount for new gadget. Nevertheless, we would like to have special gadget, which will have special design, and this design won’t be based on single feature (flexible screen). Unfortunately, both Samsung and Huawei fail to offer this and I doubt that phones will be remembered by fans. This is muscle flexing between two tech giants, and we can just wait for one more year in order to get huge price drop for this…

Just a small note – for this price tag you can get decent Macbook Pro or Alienware 17 laptop, nice iPhone XS or even interesting used car. What about Lancia with good restoration potential? Far better investment option in my opinion.

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