Lamax 20000 mAh Powerbank Review

Today I decided we take a break from watches and other similar stuff. Whole article is dedicated to the Lamax 20000 mAh Powerbank. Before you start to question why it is here it is worth reminding about those watch photos we do almost everyday. How many times you were in situation when you see nice shot and had dead battery on your phone/camera or whatever else? Well, I thought it would be cool to have one “juice source” with several ports and bought today’s powerbank.

Packaging here is quite simple – white cardboard box with magnetic lid and clear insert under it. On the box you will find some info and product photo. Lamax supplies short cable with this battery…micro USB one, so you can throw it in the trashcan straight out of the box. Let’s open new battery and take a look at the device inside.
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First of all I have to say that 20000 mAh powerbank can’t be small and it would be silly to expect something light. Today’s device clocks hefty 430 g, so be ready to carry such weight everywhere with you. Nevertheless, case size is reasonable so it won’t eat half of your bag. From both sides we get silver metal plates and edges finished in soft-touch plastic. Such design helps to grip powerbank and looks fine in person.

Even though manufacturer claims this device has full metal body, it is still better not to drop it because big weight will result in ugly outcome. Note that whole styling is quite clean and manufacturers logo is present on the top cover only. On the opposite side you will find list of features which could have been in dark grey for even better appearance…

Another control element is LED strip which consists of 4 dots and displays current charge level. On the opposite side you will find button which serves only one function – show the charge while battery is not connected to anything. I think it would be smart to have at least six of those – for more precise charge level tracking. It is really important with such big batteries.

Universal Soldier

Here I would like to come to second important point. Lamax 20000 mAh Powerbank comes with full range of various ports – 2 USB, 1 USB-C and 1 micro USB should be more than enough. Battery can be charge via USB-C and micro USB what makes it even more universal. It would be strange to buy powerbank without USB-C, so I recommend to pay attention to this. Both USB and USB-C support fast charging technology and worked nicely with my Samsung phone.

Nevertheless, I am still not sure why my Samsung chromebook shows message about insufficient power and just keeps the charge. You have to close lid in order to get at least some charge inside. At the same time there was no problem in charging Nintendo Switch and Macbook Pro. :/

Lamax 20000 mAh Powerbank – Price

Today’s powerbank is available for purchase online and price should be around 35-40 USD what makes it competitive offer in comparison with rivals. Lamax managed to combine all popular port types, big battery oomph and sleek design into one package. The only thing I would like to see – more LEDs because 4 is not enough for such large capacity.

Moreover, I am not sure about flying with this battery. Some airlines might go crazy about such large brick, so it is better to choose smaller model for flying. Today’s version is more for land travel I would say. 😀

If you are fine with all mentioned above, Lamax powerbank might be a great buy at current prices. I think we will follow the topic and check some other useful devices in the future, so stay tuned.

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