Samsung Note 8 is here and…nothing

All news outlets now happy to distribute info about latest smartphone from Korean company – Samsung Note 8, which was presented recently. I have to admit that I was also waiting for it, wondering if I should postpone phone purchase or just get S8+. Well, it turns out that new model has nothing special to counter current competition.
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Rumors about Note 8 started long time ago, and it was interesting how Samsung will restore its status after failed Note 7 launch. There were some crazy thoughts about uber-specs in one phone, but only few became true. Manufacturer showed 8th generation in New York, and we already can see praising article saying that it is what they were waiting for, but is it truly the thing we were expecting? Even more surprising was constant repeating of “you wanted” on presentation event, do they read my thoughts?

First of all, let’s take a look at styling of Samsung Note 8 – it will be large phone, which is just 0.1 inches bigger than S8+. Manufacturer decided to keep edge screen here, what makes me wonder why do we have such feature on a device with stilus. Isn’t it obvious that both edges render screen borders unusable for stylus? Edgy screen is even more surprising when we look at American S8 Active, which is limited to US market only. Another feature that will “appreciated” by power-users and businessmen (because it was said that phone is targeted for those guys) – full glass body with metal edges. Such design will require careful usage and won’t survive first meeting with asphalt. From the other side I can confirm as previous S7 Edge user that phone endured several falls and the only thing that broke was plastic SIM-tray. By the way, this excellent part comes with current S8 and will be used in Samsung Note 8 too. On the back side you will find double-cam module, what means that Korean manufacturer decided to join latest trend in mobile phones. While rumors were claiming second cam as 3x optical zoom, it turned out to be only 2x fixed, so nothing special. Of course, main camera is absolutely the same as one on S8+, and I won’t believe claims that it’s slightly better. Don’t expect something new, completely refreshed module will be presented on S9 (probably similar to what we saw on Sony XZ Premium). Now let’s jump to specs of this device.

First of all, it’s completely the same as S8+, and the only different thing is amount of RAM, which is now increased to 6 Gb. Moreover, Samsung Note 8 has smaller (!) battery in comparison with simple model without stylus. Now it’s interesting, because Note lineup was considered as an ultimate, but now we get device, which is inferior in some specs to “lower” model. I wonder how buyers will welcome such sudden change in positioning. Should I say that screen is completely similar to S8+?

As if all things mentioned above weren’t enough, Korean manufacturer decided to finish us with pricing. Even though official number is only $50 more than S8+, I’ve already seen sellers with higher prices. Nevertheless, would you get this phone instead of iPhone 7 Plus or even cheaper and more attractively priced S8+? I doubt that stylus addition outweighs and justifies price increase. Current iPhone can be considered as previous gen already, so who knows what Apple will offer to us in September. As for me, I bought S8+ for now, and don’t see any point to spend more on the new Samsung Note 8. It’s more interesting to wait and spend money on the new generation of device from Cupertino, right?

What do you think?

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