Element Case Formula S9+ Finally Brings Protection to Android

Some of you might have seen our articles about accessories from Element Case. Today we will talk about Element Case Formula S9+. Name hints on compatibility with new Samsung S9+. In my opinion it is quite important because now you won’t be limited by original cases only. Let’s take a closer look at what we will get.
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Element Case Formula S9+ might sound like something sleek and small, but here we have completely opposite appearance. As you can see on photos, Samsung will be protected with reliable design, which is made out of TPU. Add here carbon fibre on the back and metal inserts on sides, and you will get decent “armor” for your phone. For now you can choose only out of two colors, both are somewhat bright, so I hope we will see solid black or white in the future. Manufacturer claims that Element Case Formula S9+ will be quite light, but there are no specs on the website, so we have to believe these words for now. Don’t forget that new case model will be also available for smaller Samsung S9.


Just like all written above wasn’t enough, company will gift curved screen protector to all first buyers. It is known problem that owners struggle to find decent screen protector for Edge screen on Samsung phones, so it will be interesting to see how Element Case offering will perform. Of course, together with case it will provide 360-degrees protection for your new phone. The only thing I would like to see here – more customization possibilities, so that you can order truly unique case for your mobile phone. Today it is quite important because everybody has similar phones, so you have to stand out somehow. 🙂 By the way, price for Element Case Formula S9+ is set at 99.95 USD, what sounds like a reasonable price tag for brand case.

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