Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium Black and White bring Classic Opposites

New colors on the watches – nothing surprising, right? Today we will check something new in diver range from well-known watchmaker. Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium comes in two opposite shades – black and white. Yeah, only the colors are deifferent, but it is still interesting to take a look at those two.
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Professional Tool

Just as if somebody is going to dive with those, Steinhart advertises new model as professional divers watch. I really doubt that somebody will ever submerge new model somewhere deeper than swimming pool, but still let’s check what makes it special. Ok, as any other diver, this one has screw-down crown with protection from both sides. By the way, note the shape of this part – instead of wide stripes, manufacturer used small “dots”. I wonder how those will feel in gloves, but at least with “naked fingers” it should be easy to operate.

Next notable thing – bezel, which rotatable of course. Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium features 120-click part with lume on it. Nevertheless, note its design – there are few indices, so it might be tricky to measure time. Another nice thing – special raised pins, which should be easy to grab and turn. Well, at least this part will be pleasure to operate. Of course, such cue also creates masculine appearance, what might be appreciated by some.

Only Metal

Just to remind you – there will be two color versions of Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium. While black looks strict and up to point, white adds nice touch. Moreover, I would view it as a nice diversion from traditional or stereotypical black bezel on diver watch. Of course, final choice will be up to you, but be sure that you won’t pay extra just to have different color. Nice touch on the dial in both cases – small date window. As you can notice on the photos, it features ring around, and looks right in place. Steinhart logo sits instead of “12” mark on the dial. Below there is full name of the watchmaker.

Christmas Present

Timing here looks just right – holidays are coming, and everybody will be searching for nice gift. Steinhart Ocean 2 Premium looks like right choice if you are looking for nice diver watch. Even though watchmaker markets it as professional choice, I really doubt that anybody will dive with those. Nevertheless, white version might come handy as nice everyday watch, right?

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