Doomsday Clock #9 – Long Intro

First of I would like to whine a bit about schedule of this series – Doomsday Clock #9 comes after long period of wait. I guess some might even need to refresh their memories on what happened in previous issues. Nevertheless, Geoff Johns keeps surprising us more and more. While I still stay by my opinion that Doomsday Clock #1 is the sleeper book to get, let’s take a look what happens in the new issue. Beware, spoilers are coming in the following lines, so if you are sensitive to such stuff – better read book first.
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Manhattan is Back?!

What was gradually building up to this event now turned into appearance of Dr.Manhattan himself. Blue guy now lives on Mars and…waits to be destroyed. Whole story is still a bit confusing and don’t think that ninth issue will actually clear something. Instead we would read about even more strange events that have serious influence on the DC universe.

I can say it straight, I don’t have background on the main things related to DC superheroes. Nevertheless, it is not a problem here, even though I am bit confused with some heroes from DC universe. Doomsday Clock #9 brings everybody into one book, so you can try to name famous superheroes and they will be there for sure. The main note is that they are all going to Mars in order to meet Dr.Manhattan. I am bit surprised that this meeting doesn’t go well, but it is the least to say. There is no point to bomb huge spoilers here – I would like you to see it with your own eyes.

Doomsday Clock #9 – Covers

For speculation purpose I can say that there are two standard covers – A and B variants. Don’t search for ratio, because there are none. I am not sure about speculation value of this issue, but it is definitely worth spending money on in case you search for good story inside. I am already waiting for the next issue, shame that this series is sooooooo spread over months schedule.


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