Bulova Hack A-11 – Sometimes They Come Back

This article is dedicated to Bulova Hack A-11 – new watch from the famous brand. As you can guess from its name, newcomer continues military line. Moreover, this is a model which uses brand’s heritage in US military and gives us some new changes in the design. I guess there is no need to mention that such watch wasn’t produced for a long time, but now we get a chance to buy it again. Let’s see what is offered in the “updated” model.
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What’s New?

First things first – this model is different from other Hack Watches from Bulova. New A-11 comes with bright blue watchface what makes whole composition a bit more vibrant. Of course, it doesn’t influence legibility, so there is nothing to worry about.

Moreover, it is quite small as the case size equals to 37mm (original was 32mm). Such timepiece would look good on women’s wrist, and you can see it on the photos. In my opinion, men might also be interested as the smaller watch should be way more comfortable to wear everyday.

Another great thing in this watch – brown nato strap which should be easy to get around your wrist. Of course, you can also exchange it for some other accessory if you would like to. Inside you will find Miyota 82S0 automatic movement. This is a well-known reliable caliber, so I don’t think you will have any issues here.

Bulova Hack A-11 – How Much?

Price is set at surprisingly accessible level – just 450USD for a classic-looking watch which should look suitable for every outfit. Moreover, it might be a great everyday choice for those who search for some simple elegant design with reasonable size. The only thing that you should keep in mind – whole case is polished, but in my opinion all the scratches would make Bulova Hack A-11 even more impressive looking piece.

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