Sinn 6096 Frankfurt World Time Watch Hands On

Yes, this is another report from recent Munichtime. Today we are happy to share with you our impressions about new Sinn 6096 Frankfurt World Time Watch. As you can guess, newcomer is part of Financial watch series. Model should be already on sale, so let’s take a closer look. I also recommend to watch video in order to see how this model looks in person.
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Elegant Black

Well, first of all let me say that this watch comes only in one color. Yes, right – black only. Financial watches from Sinn are targeted on business people, so it would be weird to see some crazy shades. Moreover, black is a quite classic and universal choice, which should look good with any outfit. Add to this 41.5 mm polished steel case, and you get absolutely ageless combo. In my opinion such model will look nice even five years later. Of course, due care is needed in order to avoid scratches, but otherwise it is absolutely amazing “strict” design.

From both sides case is covered with sapphire glass, so here you can forget about scratches. Nevertheless, the most interesting part is hidden under front glass – on the dial. Take a careful look, and you will notice that there are too many digits on it. Well, such “feature” can be explained with that watch tracks several time zones simultaneously! Such diversity comes with help of quite simple solution. There is a main hours hand, another second in 24-hour scale and also rotating inner bezel. This is financial watch, so three timezones should come handy for keeping track of several markets. All this will be on your wrist in elegant case.

Cash Engine

All this goodness is powered by automatic ETA 2893-2 movement. As I said before, owner can see it through transparent back cover. Note that there is Bull and Bear engraving on balance wheel. Sinn 6096 Frankfurt World Time Watch features relatively low water resistance. Nevertheless, let’s admit it – we don’t even dive with our dive watches, so why do we need extra proof here? Moreover, such decision ensured light weight of the watch – quite important feature for everyday use.

Ready for Purchase

As I wrote before, watch should be available for purchase from official Sinn website. For reasonable money you can expect decent watch finished in traditional German minimalist style. Moreover, there will be two straps in the same package, so you should be able to choose which one suits you more. My guess is that metal would look equally good on it.

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