Viqueria Roma – First Watch from New Company

I guess it is difficult to surprise somebody with Kickstarter project today. Nevertheless, in this article we will talk about newcomer from Italy. As you can see in the name, fresh model will come under Viqueria Roma name. In the beginning there will be only one type, let’s take a closer look at it.
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Italian Approach

Yes, watchmaker Viqueria claims that their new watch will bring something new on the market. First of all it is Italian style. Here they have plenty of space to move. Just try to remember at least three Italian watches, not mentioning famous P…. Nothing comes to mind? 🙂 Right, that’s why creators of Viqueria Roma decided to act on this and try to fuse their view into something you will wear on your wrist. Frankly speaking, I don’t expect too much from the first model, because it is a first try. Nevertheless, I judge by photos, and it would be interesting to take a look and test watch properly. Creators say that watch was inspired by Rome architecture.

Once you take a look at the dial, you will notice sunray finish. Of course, it should look good on the bright light. Note also roman numericals, which also hint on Rome culture. Note also small touch of color – red hands for seconds and subdial. Those bring nice diversity into overall style. Another thing that watchmaker is proud of – shape of hands, which was made to remind of Roman sword. Of course, all indices and hands come with luminous coating.

Japanese Heart

Well, yeah, did you expect something different inside? New Viqueria Roma will have good old Miyota automatic movement. It is well-known and quite reliable, but from the other side it is interesting why authors decided not to go for higher-tier types. I guess one of the reasons was to keep price in reasonable area.

Some of you might wonder about the strap – does it differ from what we see in other watches? Oh yes, manufacturer claims that they will use fine Italian leather straps of different colors. Those should be nice to wear on the wrist, but again it is necessary to try them in person. For now I can just say that each strap will come from 2DStraps.

Coming Soon

Viqueria Roma will be available as part of Kickstarter campaign (started yesterday). I think there is no need to explain conditions of this campaign. In case you are interested, just check page, and you will know various packs that can be bought. As for me, I would wait for real sample for test, because it is difficult to judge something based on photos. 🙂

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