Bulova ‘Devil Diver’ Resurrected

Diver watches are one of the latest fashion things, I guess. Well, that’s why today we will talk about new model from Bulova. Well, it is not completely fresh, because Bulova ‘Devil Diver’ will copy 1972 diver. This model also has slightly different name – 1972 Oceanographer. Let’s take a closer look at it.
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Classic Reimagined

Bulova ‘Devil Diver’ will be the first in Archive Series from Bulova. For those who don’t know about such lineup, just think about recent Moonwatch from the same watchmaker. This is also one of the recent trends – to reissue well-known classic model. I am fine with this as long as newcomer copies something nice. Here we have good massive diver, so it can be considered as ok. Do not hurry – watch will be presented on the next Baselworld. In other words, we won’t see it until 2018. Another interesting thing – watch was chosen by voting. It does remind of another Swiss watchmaker, right? Well, at least voters chose the right answer. 🙂

Now, why Bulova ‘Devil Diver’ has such unusual nickname? It happened due to 666 on dial – this was maximum depth indication in feet. At moment of writing this article I have 600 meters diver, just think how far tech has advanced since then… I still wonder if this waterproof level will be upgraded on the reissued model.

Limited Classic

As it was mentioned before, Bulova ‘Devil Diver’ will show its face on next Baselworld. Nevertheless, manufacturer already disclosed info about special limited edition. There will be only 666 pieces produced with orange dial. In my opinion it sounds interesting, but let’s wait for the final release. Judging by what we saw with Moonwatch, Bulova won’t let us down. 🙂

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