Unimatic U1-SS Reminds of Diver Legend

Today we are going to talk about another diver watch, but this time it is a true Limited Edition. Just look at it – new Unimatic U1-SS comes with a quite unusual finish on its dial. Yes, this is famous Spongebob whose name is actually hidden in the name of the new edition. It is interesting to see what else has changed in the new watch, so let’s take a closer look.
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Not Square

Even though famous character had square shapes, here we get classic smooth silhouette with circular dial. It is evident that designers decided to put emphasis on the dial hence completely blacked out bezel. Well, I hope you didn’t plan to dive with this watch…but it should be safe for classic desk-diving. 😉

Strap reminds of sponge, right?

Note that Spongebob image is applied with anthracite paint over matte black dial surface. In other words you have to look into the dial in order to see this famous guy, and it won’t be visible to everybody around of you. For some of us such feature will be a great advantage, while others will have to find a way to brag about their special watch.


Full-black case on Unimatic U1-SS looks cool and features water protection up to 300 meters. Sounds decent and should come handy in everyday use. It is not surprising that I didn’t find any information on the movement inside because it is the same calibre as in U1 – Seiko NH35A which is quite reliable type.

By the way, rear cover features Spongebob drawings. Those look nice and might put a smile on your face every time you look at this small touch. Special hint for you – the same drawings were used on the recent Spongebob comicbook and you can find it on Ebay. I have one and it is quite nice cover once framed and displayed on the wall. 😉 Oh, serial number is also on the rear cover, so that you know what number you have out of 50 produced.


Black case works nicely with bright two-piece nylon yellow strap. Such color makes it nice summer option for everyday use. There is also black NATO-strap included in case you are not into bright shades or want to keep full black image. Unfortunately there are no photos of such combo, but I can imagine that it would look completely stealthy.

I wonder why designers decided to stay away from a bit more crazy options? What about strap with Gary drawings all over? In my opinion it would be cool to have such “upgrade” as separately sold feature.

Unimatic U1-SS – When?

The main thing here is that there are only 50 pieces produced. You want one? Well, all pieces will be sold when this text will be published. Good luck finding this watch on the second hand market. 🙂 Nevertheless, there is one thing to learn – follow Unimatic account on Instagram. They usually give big hints before such announcements so you will have better chances of getting one of the new limited editions.
P.S.: In case somebody didn’t get the quote on the main photo, here is the tip. 😉


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