Unimatic U3-F & Co Bring New Era

Yes, here we are – talking about new release from Italian watchmaker. Fresh Unimatic U3-F is one of three new models that start a new chapter. Don’t expect some crazy changes, everything is kept in reasonable amount. Nevertheless, there are still important things to mention. Let’s dive in if you get the hint. 😉
Here you can read about Limited Edition watch from Unimatic.
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Yes, this number will be on your calendar just in several weeks. Italian brand decided not to wait and bring so-called SS2020 right now. You can order any of the new watches on the official website, and there is no need to wait until next year. My guess is that Unimatic decided to focus on diver genre of its watches and bring a bit more variety to existing models. There are three new versions and you will find something in each of these. Note that each models comes with alternative version which adds letter “N” to their name. You will find dark watch under such designation, so my guess is that N here is for “Nero”. Moreover, such version will be 100 EUR over steel option.

Unimatic U-1F/FN

I would call this watch as restyling of the classic U-1. New features are not that easy to notice unless you are die-hard fan of Unimatic. Nevertheless, the main change can be seen on the bezel. There are no numbers anymore, instead we get minimalistic rail. Such addition makes whole styling more unified in my opinion. Dial still features large dot markers which are easy to read. Those parts are generously covered with Superluminova, so it won’t be difficult to read time in dark. Add Seiko movement inside and you would get a perfect everyday watch. Price is set at 525 EUR.

Unimatic U-1FM/FMN

Here things got serious and designers to install completely clean bezel on the watch. Whole focus now is on those dot markers on the dial. In my opinion it would be also cool to see manufacturer name applied with gloss black paint. Who knows, maybe it is reserved for upcoming Limited Editions? Price is set at 585 EUR.

Unimatic U3-F/FN

Here we come to the most interesting announcement in my opinion. So-called Modello Tre brings completely new feature which wasn’t available in Unimatic watches before. Frankly speaking it is surprising for me that chronograph makes an appearance on diver watch first. I was expecting to see it on U2. Military watch looks more suitable for such option. Well, diver chrono looks good too.

I would say it looks way too good, so your wallets should beware. Inside we would get mechaquartz movement from Seiko. Price is set at 525 EUR. By the way, rear cover hints on 400 pieces production batch. It is better to hurry then.


Another surprise comes in packaging department. All three watches, including Unimatic U3-F would be supplied in special shock-proof plastic case. Of course, you can use this small black box as storage too. Nice pretty bonus which works perfectly with overall topic here.

In my opinion Unimatic did a great job with new watches. We get new functions, new design cues and even new packaging. I wonder which of those three would get Limited Edition first.

Once again, small reminder – all those watches are already available and can be ordered on official Unimatic website.

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