FixIts – Small Thing that Helps

I know, we are used to talk about expensive things here, but sometimes we all need quite simple stuff, for example FixIts. Yes, here we are going to talk about small plastic strips. I discovered them recently, and in my opinion it is quite cool and simple idea. Moreover, who didn’t have broken wires? Now you have a simple way to fix them. Let’s take a closer look at what is offered.
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Fantastic Plastic

Ok, some of you might say that simple plastic strips don’t look like luxury thingies. Nevertheless, I recommend to watch video on their website in order to understand why those are so cool. First of all you get 3 pieces in one pack. Those can be one color or mix of various shades. As far as I understood, they offer three colors at the moment, but who knows, maybe we will see more in the future. Package styling is quite simple, but you don’t need more for such things. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that those stickes are biodegradable, which is another advantage over other fix methods.

What surprised me is the ease of use. You just need hot water and then Fixits can do their magic. Broken wire – wrap around small plastic piece and you have it fixed. Need something extended or replaced with plastic – those colored strips will come handy too. In my opinion here we are limited only with our imagination. Add here possibility of reuse, and it might be the next big thing for your home. I already can see how some guys will be doing small figurines with help of this plastic. 😀 Just in case you forget what to do with those plastic pieces, there is instructions text on the rear side.

Fixits – Price

Each set is fixed at 8 EUR, and that is reasonable price for such amazing thing. As I wrote above, you will get three piece per each, and it is possible to combine all of them together. It is good to see that some people think of repairing things, and it might even inspire new creations with their help. I plan to check Fixits in person and write a bit more detailed review in the future.

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